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I've watched enough late night TV to understand these things can happen, but I must say I was somewhat disappointed my bassoon solo ended up on the cutting room floor. I really thought I had nailed the Brylcreem tune!
We did leave a very short bit of the bassoon, though, admittedly, chopped most of it. Bassoon is very much like Brylcreem in that a little dab'll do ya.
I do not find plate spinning at Masada totally out of the question. It would explain all those pottery shards up there, wouldn't it? (BTW, will this podcast be on iTunes?)
Rachel, see, I thought it made a great deal of sense. Perhaps the only thing on the show that did....
I imagine Anth will get it on iTunes yeah.
I went to Masada with my brother on my one trip to Israel; he's an archaeologist. So we're walking around, and he picks ups some pottery shards and looks at them, then hands them to me saying, "Herodian." Of course, I asked how he could tell, and he talked about how thin the potter was, and the stripes at the edge, and so forth, and then added, "And they're at Masada." Oh. (I have them on my desk right now. There are a LOT of shards up there!)
Excellent, thank you!
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