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I give my doctor lots of leeway, time-wise. For one thing, she'll always fit me in the same day if I'm sick, while lots of doctors make you wait a week or more, so I figure I have to allow for her squeezing other people in when I'm waiting. (For another, I've known her since she and my sister were 3-year-old playmates, and how can I not?) The Tea Party is the creation of the Koch brothers, with the intention of making themselves richer and more powerful and nothing else, no matter what the so-called "grass roots" members may believe. Boo and hiss. In all fairness--the Democrats do take ideas from the right--too many, if you ask me. Large chunks of the ACA/Obamacare are straight out of the Heritage Foundation (right wing think-tank), for example, and there's no single payer option. (And it sure matters to ME, I live in the US!) And, appropos your discussion of huge signs for tourist traps: I think that I shall never see A billboard lovely as a tree In fact, unless the billboards fall I'll never see a tree at all. --Ogden Nash
Yeah I feel the same about my Doc. She is very good. She also likes my jokes.... I still cannot understand the health care debate in the US, I just honeslty don't get it.
It seems to me that if the far right was afraid the ACA would fail, they'd let it go ahead and fail--they would be delighted to have a major disaster to lay at the feet of Obama and the Democrats. What they are is afraid of is that it will succeed. Remember, the Republicans have been fulminating against entitlements for decades--but now their power base is getting older and older, and they don't want to hear about cuts to Social Security or Medicare, and the Republican politicians are well aware that if the ACA works, even if it could be better, that is going to be another program they won't be able to cut out on the road to filling the pockets of the Koch brothers and their ilk. (Not that I'm cynical or bitter or anything like that.)
As Bob mentioned, I thank everyone for all the cards and flowers. And I especially thank the kind person who sent the 24 of Dow Ale from August of 1965. I'm on my 15th bottle now and expect a full recovery from my injuries soon!
I'm far left enough that Obama seemed centrist to me when he got elected and fading slightly right ever since. I believe the system has pulled him that way, but I also believe one of the reasons the Democrats pushed him onto the ticket was that they saw him as pliable and easily manipulated. Obamacare ended up being an insurance act instead of a healthcare bill. And instead of waxing endlessly on the evils of the Koch Bros., suffice to say they're dicks. - anth
Obamacare ended up being an insurance act instead of a healthcare bill. QFT. And even the Koch brothers have started to panic at the latest antics of the Tea Party: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/10/09/124572...
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