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The talk of paper tweeting puts me in mind of something similar--Alton Brown (from the Food Network?) has a Twitter account (@altonbrown), and he tweets a lot. But. He tweets by writing his answer on a post-it, sticking it on the screen under the tweet he's responding to, and taking a picture of it. ...?
Billy Joel actually did put out a classical album of compositions for solo piano (Fantasies & Delusions) back in... 2001, I think? It wasn't terrible--the album was mostly derivative, but some of the pieces were pretty good.
Yeah, Alton Brown does that, and I think that is actually kind of clever.
Alton Brown's scribbles are very often amusing--which is why I keep following him.
Speaking of skewed memories was sure I was the pivotal character in a funny story until I heard two other people mention the same story with them being the pivotal character. I think childhood memories are so important mainly due to the context. "Real player" was way a head of his time is like saying the Baha Men were way a head of their time... My father also hated ketchup and tried to get us to hate ketchup by constantly mocking ketchup using stereotypes he invented of the types of people who use too much ketchup.
If you played Piano Man and then Up Town Girl to some one and told them that was the same guy they would punch you in the throat
Baha Men... Why did you go there? That's just cruel
Most people who don't like ketchup don't even know what soup is. (That one was just for jcardiff)
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