MMVH07 - The Day the Lawn Darts Died

This episode's word of week is PERPENDICULAR! Next week's jackpot is $60!

Dave's special musical guest: John Meadows - King of the F-Stop

Bob's dancers featuring: Valerie Hunter.

Apologies to Mark Blevis, we ran out of time, but we'll have him back soon.

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Anthony would like to send special thanks to Hover for keeping his name domain alive!

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To be fair, charities want your friends--or if not actually friends (because, Facebook) people who know you--to know that you've given and how much you've given, because then those people are more likely to give as well, and to give more. It's even more true in physical communities, like a synagogue or a church, when they have a fundraising drive, or a charity drive--they want the amount of your donation announced in public. You don't have to let them do it, but they really want you to allow it, despite the fact that it's diametrically opposed to the traditional best way to give charity: In secret. I loathe the idea of Google Glass.
We have a photo of my mom way up on top of a monster set of monkey bars--in roller skates. She clearly remembers regularly climbing monkey bars in roller skates, and they had no such thing as rubber matting below playground equipment. And I used to walk the block-and-a-half to school myself quite young--seven or eight?--and there were crossing guards at the corners because it was expected that children would be going to school alone. In MANHATTAN.
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