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I'm listening from about 30 miles east of Nashville, TN. Big fan of Chuckles!
I never played D&D, but my brother did--he was a dungeon master. (I understand it's more fun that way.) And you know that when the governor of Arizona vetoed the bill, she didn't do it because of the sheer wrongness of the bill--just because it would be against Arizona's economic interests. So she doesn't get a whole lot of credit in my book.
Listening in a cabin in da woods, about one and a half miles east of "downtown" Copper Harbor :-)
(And now I see I put my last comment on the wrong ep. Oops!) I still read actual books on paper all the time, because I couldn't use a tablet on Shabbat anyway, and I spend most of Shabbat reading. But there is NO WAY I could choose any one novel! There are loads that I like to reread (and series that I love to reread), but none that I could choose to reread THAT often.
you guys fuckin' crack me up. So glad to be able to listen to this podcast from Redmond, WA. The Dave and the band sounds great over the speakers - wish I could see Bob and the dancers put on a show - Anthony - I picture you in front of a big ass ribbon microphone keeping everyone in check. Pure awesomeness.