MMVH25 - PETA: The Dumbening

This episode's word of week is ANTIPATHY.

The Dave Brodbeck Orchestra with special guest: Deepak Chopra

The Bob Goyetche Dancers featuring: The Cast of Riverdance

Thanks to Doug Slater for pulling the curtains.

Raise awareness by using the hashtag #RMFS and letting @anthonymarco, @dbrodbeck and @bobgoyetche know about it.

4 responses
I don't think Mahi-Mahi is actually dolphin but rather dophin fish. So says wikipedia, so say we all
I thought we said Dolphin fish?
Standard English resentment over 1066: the meat on the plate has a Norman name, the beast in the field an English name. Poultry/ chicken. Pork / pig. Beef / cow. Venison / deer. Veal / calf. Mutton / sheep. Somehow not frogs and lambs and rabbits. Escargot / snail? Anyway the resentment: the English peasant is in the field taking care of the beast. The Norman is at the table eating it.
Me digs etymology! - anth