MMVH27 - Burma Dave

Our new segment... Discussion, Drinks, Disaster: Johnny Cash, Johnny Carson, Johnny Depp

This episode's word of week is GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!.

The Dave Brodbeck Orchestra with special guest: Nate Silver

The Bob Goyetche Dancers featuring: Casey Kasem

Join us this week as we try to raise #DoubleAwareness for #RMFS (Restless Middle Finger Syndrome)

Also, we introduce our premier podcast event... The Marshall McLuhan Podcast Roundtables.

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Hey you fruit brutes. I comment sometimes. #rmfs
Desert Island Disk - Miles Davis - KIND OF BLUE Desert Island Disk (Live) - Zappa/Mothers - ROXY & ELSEWHERE #DoubleAwareness Discussion, Drinks, Disaster: Marco - Drinks Brodbeck - Discussion Goyetche - Disaster You guys ought to mention Klaatu - a Canadian Power Trio. Why? People thought they were The Beatles. Hope you had a Happy Canada Day. Out.
Thanks for the comment Paul. Out of curiosity, what was the reasoning behind your choices re: drinks, disaster etc? Nice choices on the discs.
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