MMVH30 - Rockford and Son

Discussion, Drink, Disaster: Anne Hathaway, Anne Rice, Anne Murray

This episode's word of week is ESPERANTO!

The Dave Brodbeck Orchestra with special guest: Leonid Brezhnev the Eyelash Clippers from Beyond the Grave

The Bob Goyetche Dancers featuring: Late Night QRM Crew

Thanks for helping us to raise #Awareness for #RMFS (Restless Middle Finger Syndrome)

This week, sponsored by @Klourt! - "Our algorithm is proprietary!"

Thanks to Doug Slater for pulling the curtains.

11 responses
First I must say I am speaking not as the head of PR at Klourt I was going to get mad about Bob (this time) calling Brampton, Brantford instead but then you guys gave me a solid (and most accurate) plug to date so... instead i'll raise more #awareness on Twitter instead. Also I don't comment on every podcast I listen to. See exhibit A where there is clearly a lack of MMD originated comments on the Bobstuph and I listen.... oh wait... nevermind. #rmfs
Hey at least anth's shuttle wasn't named the Komagata Maru. Or else it would have been sent back as soon as it got to Canada. Boom! history reference joke.
I knew as soon as I said Bra I was most likely wrong. Either word makes no sense in French
posthaven's being a dick about some less thans and greater thans... I said : I knew as soon as I said Bra(...mpton..ntford..ssiere..whatever) I was most likely wrong. Either word makes no sense in French
Did someone say something? Sorry, I was looking at these pictures of Ann Hathaway.....
But Bob "Brampton" in french directly translates into "where the brown people are from". True story
Anne Hathaway looks to smilar to the lady that played Anna on V so i'm afraid if i met her she would kill me as part of her grand alien plan
Dave if you don't stop that, you'll go blind
Since I'm officially opposing and do not support the slanderous "Bob goyetche" (just kidding) and his dubious "bobstuph" podcast I will post my thoughts here. Bob your profile pic looks vaguely Latin. That is all
Vaguely Latin was the title of my 3rd album