MMVH41 - A Hummingbird's Easy to Mail

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The Dave Brodbeck Orchestra with special guest: Kevin Vickers & Steve Vickers.

The Bob Goyetche Dancers featuring: The Ghost of Dave Brodbeck Past.

#FonzConYes, #FonzConNo

Sponsor: STFU the Virtual University... coming soon to McLuhanesque!

Discussion Drink Disaster Driving Debauchery - Don Ho, Don Johnson, Don Adams, Don Rickles, Don Cherry

This episode's word of week is UNOBTANIUM.

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@Klourt - with new "Retrograde Syndication" Retsyn
#RMFS Restless Middle Finger Syndrome
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Thanks to Doug Slater for keeping the curtains.

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My dream car as a kid started out as the General Lee Charger and then changed when I was about 10 to a 1971 Plymouth Satellite (which is what Daisy drove) and I have just purchased one that I am currently in the process of restoring. The dream car will soon be mine. And I've always loved the 3rd Gen Corvette Stingray and I worked with a guy in the 90's who owned one. I never got to drive it but I did get a few rides in it. his was not fibreglass so it was likely a later 70's model. I also went to Tech School with a guy who owned a MG and being a 2-seater it was hard to fit 3 people in it but we did. I sat on the hump behind the front seats and could stick my head out the zippered plastic window in the convertible top.