MMVH43 - You Can't Fit A Lobster In A Toaster

Sponsor: STFU the virtual multiversity

Discussion, Drink, Disaster, Driving, Debauchery - Pat Sajak, Pat Benetar, Pat Boone, Pat Morita, Pat Metheny

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@Klourt - with new "Retrograde Syndication" Retsyn


This episode's word of week is VISCOSITY.

The Dave Brodbeck Orchestra with special guest: Alexander Yakushev

The Bob Goyetche Dancers featuring: The Barstool Buddha

Thanks to Doug Slater for keeping the curtains.


2 responses
I was more invested in your talk about toast than I think a normal person should be. Toast is my favourite food. I was almost going to pull Bob's French Canadian card and Dave's Northern Ontarian card until finally they started talking about Grenache. My cupboard has never not had a container of Grenache caramel in it. I also use a lot of cinnamon spread, and creamed honey. When do we start the Facebook group for toast spreads?
All peanut butter all the time! I thought for sure that the kind of bar Anth wanted near his house should be a place where The Assless Chaps could be found.