MMVH06 - Dangling Poutine and Clamelba Beef

This episode's word of week is FLUSH!

The Dave Brodbeck Orchestra with special guest Jon Brodbeck playing the Elevator.

The Bob Goyetche dancers with feature dancer Dave Delaney.

Apologies to Mark Blevis, we ran out of time, but we'll have him back soon.

Epilogue "Working at the Woolco Manager Trainee Blues" by Buddy and the Boys

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MMVH04 - A Bag of Halloween Poutine

This episode's word of week is TAXIDERMY!

Special Musical Guest: Isabelle Michaud (Spoons + Pop Bottles)

Dancers featuring: Mark Blevis

Apologies to Mark Blevis, his dancing was so hypnotic, we ran out of time to talk to him. We'll have him back soon.

And just in case you didn't believe me... The Paul Lynde Hallowe'en Special - look for it on YouTube.